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News Archive for 2006
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December 15th, 2006 Its almost the end of the year and its time to start thinking about the plans for the new year. Of course nothing is set in stone yet but we have a couple of ideas.

Gavin, long time crew chief, driver motivator ("shut the f*ck up and drive the car") and kart driver, is moving up to cars this year. He'll be driving the Crusader in the March Driver's school and will make some appearances in the 2007 San Francisco Regional Championship.

As for me, well I have no idea whats going to happen in 2007. This year, I got pretty close to getting backing that would have allowed me to run Formula Ford 2000. I elected not to pursue it though, mainly because of the time commitments. Racing is definetly my addiction so that means I will definetly be racing something in 2007.

Happy Christmas and holidays and all of that. See you in the new year

December 12th, 2006 (Sorry about the delay in finishing this report...very busy these days) Laguna is still one of the best tracks we get to race on and its always fun to hang out with the vee drivers of San Francisco. Straight out of the box the car was quick this weekend and the car felt great on the Hoosier practise tires we had as Ian went quickest in the session. Changing to American Racers for qualifying we lost the balance and Ian struggled with rear end grip. This meant he dropped to second behind team mate and Championship leader Blake Tatum.

--Mike Bagnell--The start of the race is one of the strangest on record with the righ hand column of cars dropping back with the result that Ian actually started 3 rows back in 6th?! As usual Blake made a great start followed closely by Rick Schick who was very fast despite not having raced much this year. The ongoing (as i'm told) fast vee's versus slow ford interaction was definetly at play. With Fords spinning left, right & center and stealing apexes Blake did a great job of staying out front. In order to tidy up the carnage a full-course caution appeared closing up the field and trapping a couple of Fords between leader Blake and chasers Rick & Ian. The restart was hectic with Rick and Ian making a great restart passing a couple of Fords down the inside only for the Fords to slam on the brakes. This allowed 4th, th and 6th place make a run on ian. After a lap or so things settled down with ian back in 3rd place. He did manage to reel Rick in and make a pass a lap or so later to take 2nd place.

At this point Blake had a comfortable gap Ian was attempting to reduce. Settling down to a nice rhythm Ian was steadily closing the gap. Unfortunately he was trying just a little too hard. Entering the downhill, 4th gear turn 10 the rear stepped out just enough to redirect the cars trajectory towards a rather large, newly installed berm inside the kerb. The front of the car was launched skywards landing somewhere in the gravel trap at unabated speed. Somehow the car stopped before the wall but Ian's race was over. Very annoying but thats racing I suppose.

Blake went on to win the race and take the 2006 SF Region Championship for the 3rd time! This race marked the end of Crisco Kid Racing's career as Mike and Dave called it a day. We did manage to share a smithwicks before we parted ways though!

October 23rd, 2006 How lucky are we?! We get to race at Laguna Seca again this weekend. Ian will race in the finale of the SF Region Championship with help from brother Gavin. As always it promises to be a fun race with 19 cars entered so far and more likely to sign up. At the moment the forecast is good with little chance of rain...although that can always change at Laguna. The car is loaded up and we are planning to roll out on Thursday evening. Wish us luck!

October 16th, 2006 We're back! sorry for the lack of communication of late. Had some website issues and have been busy prepping the car. Ian raced at Laguna at the end of September. It was great to be back in the Vee and to hang out at the track. The on-track action was great too with Ian taking two third places. The lap times were very fast also with Blake Tatum breaking the lap record and both Ian and Colin Cross within a couple of tenths....anyway, there are more updates which we'll get to soon! The website changes arent done just yet so dont get worried if the site disappears for a day or two along the way!

July 16th, 2006--In-Car Video from Infineon Raceway-- Thanks to the support of our sponsors ACS Enterprises we are able to bring you exciting In-Car footage from Ian's recent races at Infineon Raceway in Napa, California. Sit down, strap in and turn up the speakers!

Low Res Windows Media Version (4MB)

Hi Res Windows Media Version (15MB)

July 11th, 2006 Appearing for the first time with new Sponsor ACS Enterprises, Ian had a strong showing at the technical Infineon Raceway (aka Sears Point)in Napa, California over the 4th of July Weekend. Setting himself quite a challenge in making his debut mid season in the ultra-competitive Spec Miata Championship, Ian was fully race fit and ready to go. Testing Thursday was spent getting aclimatised to the Off Camber Racing Car and the heat of Napa. Despite a differential failure ending testing prematurely Ian left the track reasonably content with the performance on Thursday evening.

--Ian at Infineon Raceway-- A seating position change and the installation of the in-car radios allowed Ian to gain some comfort in the car for the on track action on Friday. The qualifying action went well with Ian breaking into the top 20 for the National Race and going faster than 31 other cars to line up in 30th place for the Regional Race.

Race starts are always a little concerning, even more so when you are in a car you dont own! Some good driving at the start of the race 1 saw Ian jump a couple of spots and make it through the first lap cleanly. Still learning the car Ian set about getting into a rhythm on the technical California track. Although he was obviously quicker than the cars around him, Ian struggled with a tricky gear change. "I could close on the cars in front very easily but I struggled to get 3rd gear on the exit of the critical turn 7 and 11. That killed my speed for the following long straights". Even with the gearchange issue Ian managed to pass a couple of cars to take a comfortable 17th place when the flag fell. A good result for his first foray into miatas

With a field of 60+ cars rolling up to the start, race 2 promised lots of action for the team's Sponsors and Guests at the track. They didnt have to wait long! Turn 2 saw a couple of racers get sideways in front of Ian, causing him to back off and lose some places in order to avoid a crash. Putting his head down he regained those places within a few laps and set about making some more ground. Again the sticky gearchange plagued Ian, losing him valuable time every lap. Having moved up towards the top 20 all was looking good until Ian got caught out by his inexperience in the Miata. "As we used up more gas we lost rear grip. Coming into turn 11 the rears locked up and spun me around. I did a quick donut and got going again pretty quickly but still lost a couple of places. At least the in-car video should be entertaining for our guests!" With a few laps left Ian managed to pick up a couple more places to finish a respectable 25th of the 62 cars running.

Special thanks go to our sponsors ACS Enterprises and our guests who attended the event. As Ian said, "It was a lot of fun and great to see so many folks from the Haas School of Business, Dolby and of course our new sponsors ACS Enterprises at the track." Ian's next race? That's a very good question! We're working on at least one more outing this year and will let you know as soon as the details are set. In the meantime check out more photos of the event here

Gavin Sweeney
Sweeney Racing

Irish Racer announces support from ACS Enterprises, Inc.

Oakland, California, June 14th, 2006 - Irish Racer, Ian Sweeney announced today that ACS Enterprises Inc., a nation wide movie-theater industry service company, will provide support for his 2006 race season and beyond. Speaking from Oakland, California, Ian enthused, "I'm delighted to be associated with ACS Enterprises. Their energy and vision is a perfect match for the fast paced environment I operate in. It’s an honor to be their representative."

--ian sweeney--VP of Sales and Marketing, Patrick Artiaga added "We are a young company and pride ourselves on being forward looking and finding premium opportunities. The partnership will allow us to entertain our clients in a high caliber environment and with a high caliber driver such as Ian Sweeney".

With ACS Enterprises’ support Ian will continue his focus on making a full-time move to the Professional Motor Racing ranks. Hailing from Ireland and having raced both in Europe and the US, Ian has a long history of winning. In recent years, racing primarily in the US, he has competed on the SCCA National Tour, including three appearances at the famed National Runoffs. For 2007, Ian is in discussion with teams from the IMSA-Lite Sportsracer Series, “Sirius Satellite Radio®” Pro-Spec Miata Series and “Cooper Tires®” FF2000 Series.

About ACS Enterprises Inc.

ACS Enterprises Inc. is a comprehensive company offering wide-ranging services for the Movie exhibition and distribution industries. With over 50 years of combined experience in the motion picture industry, the ACS team offers extensive experience in management, construction, engineering, marketing, and facility maintenance, creating a unique one stop solution for motion picture company needs. For more information on ACS Enterprises services and products please visit www.acs-ent.com

About Ian Sweeney

Starting his career in 1997 in his native Ireland, Ian won Rookie of the year in the Irish National Fiat Championship with a win and several podium finishes. Since then Ian has raced Formula Vee in Ireland, the UK and the US, picking up many wins and championships along the way. Recent campaigns have yielded top finishes in the SCCA’s Northern Pacific Division and the SCCA’s National Runoffs. For further information please visit www.iansweeney.com

For further information including high resolution images, please contact:
Gavin Sweeney, +1 773 550 8817, gavin@srgroup-usa.com, www.srgroup-usa.com
Patrick Artiaga, +1 626 627 9564, partiaga@acs-ent.com, www.acs-ent.com

Ian signs with Off-Camber Racing

Oakland, California, June 6th, 2006 - Irish Racer Ian Sweeney is delighted to announce he has signed with Off Camber Racing to compete at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, California at the end of June. Ian will compete in both Regional and National SCCA races at the famed Northern California Track. Driving the #73 Spec Miata, Ian will also take part in a full day test with Off Camber Racing at Infineon prior to the race weekend.

--#73 Spec Miata-- Speaking from Oakland, California, Ian enthused, "I’ve been busy talking to potential sponsors since the new year, so it’ll be nice to focus on the racing for a while. Its also been a couple of years since I last raced a sedan so I’m looking forward to the “bump and grind” of 60+ Spec Miatas going at it!“

Hailing from Ireland and having raced both in Europe and the US, Ian has a long history of winning. In recent years his racing has been focused in the US, competing nationally in SCCA events, including three appearances at the famed National Runoffs. If your company is looking for an articulate, charismatic race driver to represent their company, Ian and the SR Group can help you: www.srgroup-usa.com

For further information, please contact:
Gavin Sweeney, The SR Group, gavin@srgroup-usa.com, www.srgroup-usa.com
Ian Sweeney, Sweeney Racing, ian@sweeney-racing.com, www.iansweeney.com

Sweeney Racing adds new Team Member, Sean Sweeney, seen here getting a seat fitting!

--Sean Og--

14th March, 2006 As mentioned in our Newsletter we are working on moving up from Formula Vee and we are in discussions with potential commercial partners. Thats all we can say for the moment but rest assured, sweeney-racing.com will be the first to know when anything happens! In the meantime we're putting together some testing.....details to follow!

To keep ourselves busy, Gavin and I attended the A1GP race at the weekend in Laguna Seca. The racing was great although the weather was not so great. We managed to get into the Team Ireland Garage and have a look around (See pic below). The whole A1GP setup is very impressive and I imagine the whole show will be a lot better next year when they have a better support setup.

You can see the rest of the pics we took here

--A1GP Team Ireland Garage--

11th February, 2006 Howdy race fans, the motor racing season is slowly coming to life with the SCCA Nationals already begun and Pro Drivers announcing deals every day. We're working on a couple of things for this year so stay tuned. I can say that we will be testing at least once in the not too distant future...I just cant say what we'll be testing!!

15th January, 2006 The first 2006 edition of the Sweeney-Racing Newsletter is available with all the latest news and links to the latest in-car footage. Enter you email in the box above and we'll mail you a copy.

7th January, 2006 I finally got around to finishing the Sweeney Racing History Page. Click on the Shamrock to the right and read on....

30th December, 2005 Happy Christmas to those who celebrate it and a happy new year too. I've been getting lots of questions as to what the plans are for next year...the simple answer is I dont know yet! Expect to see me out at the track either crewing for folks and more than likely driving at a couple of races to keep my license current. I'd like to try something new, so there's a hint!

Our Crusader FV pictured below in Formula Car Mag is for sale
Click here for more details

--For Sale--

Ian and the Crusader FV were featured in Formula Car Magazine. With thanks to Formula Car Magazine (www.formulacarmag.com) the article is reproduced here >>

SpeedTV took the time to interview Ian at the SCCA Runoffs. With credit to SpeedTV (www.speedtv.com) you can view the interview here >>